Monday, June 10, 2013

The Orange Spot Coffehouse is OPEN!

You read that right - the Orange Spot Coffeehouse is now open for business. Stop in this week to say hi and show your support. 

4824 Chateau Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29405

Tuesday-Thursday 6am-6pm

Friday-Saturday  6am-3pm

About The Orange Spot Coffehouse:

The Orange Spot Coffeehouse is a collaboration of passion for quality beverages and the dream of service through coffee. The idea really began while Julie Simuang was in Thailand where she fell in love with Cha Yen, a traditional Thai sweet and creamy tea that when poured is a beautiful orange color. During her time overseas, she fondly referred to it as her "orange spot".

Upon her return to the States, the decision to create her own coffeehouse and provide an "orange spot" to anyone who walked in the doors was an easy one. Thus began Julie's coffee journey, starting with Starbucks, moving to Caribou Coffee and then to several local coffee shops. She took in all the good practices, learned from the mistakes and considered every interaction an opportunity to develop the idea of "The Orange Spot".

Laura Cannon came into the picture a little over a year ago as a regular customer of the local shop Julie managed who treated herself to weekly lattes. Laura had worked at Starbucks for several years and had taken an assistant management position at a local bed and breakfast where she was learning the ups and downs of being "in charge". Julie and Laura quickly made a strong connection and forged a friendship that has turned into a strong business partnership that has brought The Orange Spot Coffeehouse to fruition.

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