Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sponsor Welcome!

We'd like to say THANK YOU to our first sponsor, SC Federal Credit Union's Young & Free SC.  They'll be on site Saturday morning, offering details about their services and scholarships.  AND giving out sweet reusable grocery bags to the first 100 patrons.  Get here early!
If you're unfamiliar with Young & Free, here's the basic premise:
We launched Young & Free because we felt strongly that young people were not being well served by large faceless financial institutions. Young people in South Carolina didn't have a voice when it came to getting what they needed financially. So we launched a search for a Spokesperson and gave that person a platform: the Young & Free South Carolina website.

Darryl LaPlante is our current Young & Free SC Spokesperson and his full-time job includes traveling to, attending and speaking at events throughout South Carolina and posting daily blog entries and weekly video blogs on the Young & Free SC website. Darryl is here to listen to you, and to get your thoughts and opinions about what you need from your financial institution.

The ultimate goal of Young & Free is to help our credit union connect with young people and to help us really understand how we can serve South Carolina's 18-to-25 crowd better than any other financial institution.
Here's what Darryl has to say:
Young & Free South Carolina is powered by South Carolina Federal Credit Union and dedicated to educating the 25 and under crowd about all things finance. While that might sound a bit boring to most, it's really not! The cherry on the imaginary sundae is they are always doing some kind of giveaway either on youngfreesc.com, Facebook, or Twitter! 
For instance, if you, or someone you know, plan on going to college next year I'm sure you're out there looking for scholarships. Well, they've got them! Right now Young & Free SC is giving away three scholarships where you can win up to $4,500 to go towards your school bills. Entering is a breeze and can be done at youngfreesc.com/scholarship
Got a question? Email Young & Free Spokester Darrryl LaPlante at youngfreesc@gmail.com

Monday, February 27, 2012

Traveling Yankee

Sometimes I wonder if the name "Artist Market" is a little misleading.  Everyone that participates is an artist, but I find myself sometimes saying "there's not a lot of 'art' art" - as in, not a lot of framed works on display.  However, we do have a few "art" artists participating in the March 3rd Market.  I'm excited to see pictures from our newest addition, Jeff Saraceno, The Traveling Yankee.

The Traveling Yankee was established in 2012; however my fascination for the natural world began years earlier. My parents took me on my first backpacking trip when I was six years old. 

Primarily self-taught, I have been taking photos for the past eight years. My work consists mainly of natural landscapes and a new appreciation for worn objects. Originally from Connecticut, I moved to Charleston in 2010 to work as a Commissioning Editor for The History Press. In-between I went to school in Massachusetts and have spent time out west and in Europe. 
- Jeff Saraceno

Check out Jeff, the Traveling Yankee at the March 3rd Market!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just one more week!

It's almost that time - just one week until the Lowcountry Artist Market at the Music Farm!

If it's your first time attending the event, here's what you can expect:

The Market is in the Music Farm, located at 32 Ann Street across from the Visitor's Center, between King and Meeting Street.  Parking is available in the parking garage just next door to the Farm - accessible from Wragg Court and Mary St.  There is also on street parking on Ann, King, and the surrounding area.  If you're living downtown, take advantage of the FREE trolley system.  

The Market opens at 10 am and closes at 3 pm. Admission is FREE.

Each vendor handles their own transaction.  Some are cash only, but many now accept credit cards.  The Music Farm does have an ATM on site, so you can pick up cash if needed. 

The Music Farm is equipped with a full bar.  We will be serving beer and liquor, as well as running specials on mimosas and bloody marys.  Come hungry!  Hello My Name is BBQ food truck will be on site selling sandwiches and sides.  King of Pops will be selling treats as well.  

You can enter the building from Ann St or the main entrance - but there are stairs at those locations.  If you are traveling with a stroller, you can enter from the side door - in the alley between Music Farm and Dudley's.   

Take a minute to chat with the vendors.  All the goods sold are handmade or vintage.  These folks work really hard to create (or find) beautiful things for you and your children.  Make sure to look around!  Vendors will be located on the main floor, stage, and balconies.

If you have questions, email kristen@musicfarm.com.  Looking forward to seeing you next weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Polyester Stella

You've probably seen Polyester Stella by now.  She's a regular at the Farmer's Market and the Artist Market - and she handled Eye Level Art's Holy City Artist and Fleas.  But if you haven't seen her, then you're in luck.  She'll be selling at the March 3rd market.

I love to create beautiful things. I have been beading, sewing, and making jewelry most of my life. I currently create my pieces in my home studio in historic downtown Charleston, SC, usually with a cat on my desk.
- Stella Maris

If you can't make it to the Market (what a shame!), then you can pick up her goods around town.  

She's carried at:
One Respe Massge Therapy on Spring Street
Poe Studio (Avondale)
Tabula Rasa Hair Salon on Cannon Street
Seeking Indigo on King Street
Jlinsnider on King Street

And last, a penny for good luck!

Check out Stella's Etsy page or come see her on March 3rd at the Farm!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Check out one of our new Lowcountry Artist Market vendors - Jesse MacKenzie's Anykind!

Anykind has several different styles of clutches and cases - all done in fun patterns and colors.  Chevron is everywhere - might be time to get your own!

I personally love the combination of the two items below.  But I have a slight obsession with anything in mustard yellow.

Anykind is the product of years of sewing instead of doing homework and a deep desire to create cute, useful things. Each item is handmade by me, out of the one bedroom apartment I share with my sweet husband in North Charleston, SC. 
- Jesse MacKenzie

As a side note, Jesse also has a really cute blog with all kinds of prettiness.  Be sure to check her out online and at the March 3rd market.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Talon Jewelry

Accessorizing is not my strong suit.  I love jewelry on other people, but for some reason ALWAYS overlook purchasing for myself.  Getting married has helped; jewelry is a go-to gift for most husbands.  My pinterest "my birthday/our anniversary/Christmas is coming up" board has plenty of wish-list items too.  Just have to decide!  But with a strong supply of jewelry vendors at the Artist Market, I am determined to pick up some new - and bold - pieces.  

I'm really excited to see works from one of the newest AM vendors, Talon Jewelry.  These are statement pieces.  I love how industrial they look; could toughen up an overly girly look.  Or add real sparkle to a simple tank and jacket.  

TALON is a jewelry line designed and hand-crafted by Eliza Avery. Inspiration is drawn from many sources, including Greek and Egyptian mythology, science fiction and futuristic aesthetics, street style, and occultism. TALON aims to find a balance in pieces that are striking and sometimes even aggressive, yet elegant and wearable, keeping in mind the idea of jewelry functioning as personal armor both physically and spiritually.

As a side note, the artist Eliza Avery has a cool blog going - check her out there and at the March 3rd market!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Featured Vendor: Carolina Coaster Company

One of my favorite things about hosting the Lowcountry Artist Market is meeting new (and amazing) vendors.  At each market I'm always impressed by the quality of work produced - and during each application process I feel the same way.  In the latest round of applications, I was happily introduced to Carolina Coaster Company and can't wait to have them at the March 3rd market.  Here's the scoop on Cindy and her company:

About three years ago my husband and I were frequenting an arts festival in Atlanta Ga. We came upon a vendor who had the coolest coasters. They were photographs of restaurants and local points of interest to the area. We had such a fun time standing there looking at all the coasters and choosing the ones that had a special meaning for us. (To this day I have the one of The Fox Theater sitting here beside me on my desk.) David said, “You know, you could do this. It would go over well in Charleston and I know you would do a great job.” The seed was planted. 

For the next couple of years I spent time perfecting my technique. You see, the coasters we bought in Atlanta were just photographs glued onto man-made tiles. I knew that I wanted to, as Emeril says “Kick it up a notch”, if I was going to be a part of this venture. I wanted the photographs to look as if they were part of the stone not just glued to it. Off and on for months I would come up with a new idea, test it and be disappointed. Then last spring I finally perfected my technique. The next step was to test it on friends. Not just any friends; picky friends who couldn’t hide their opinions. And guess what. They loved them!  And the rest, as they say, is history.

If you were to have asked Cindy Ellsworth a couple of years ago if she was an artist she would probably have said no.  She probably wouldn’t have considered home making, gardening and quilting to be art. However, the skills achieved from these and many other life experiences have come together to enable her to form Carolina Coaster Company, thus affirming what many had known all along.  She is just that; an artist. 

These coasters make great gifts - perfect as wedding gifts for your wedding party.  Or in corporate welcome bags.  Or for your significant other, of a local spot that means something to you (hint hint, Michael).  Having lived here for a little over 4 years and being married here in that time, there are so many places that are special to me.  Here are a few of my favorite coasters:

I can't wait to see Cindy's selection at the Artist Market.  I definitely need the one of the Music Farm!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lowcountry Artist Market - on Pinterest!

My favorite time killer has become especially handy lately.  Pinterest is a great way for me to keep all kinds of Lowcountry Artist Market vendor images in one place.  So start your March 3rd pre-shopping now!  Or check out their etsy pages and stock up at your leisure.

I also have a page for fun DIY ideas, plus party planning (with a DIY flair), ideas for children (includes craftiness) - check it out and start pinning yourselves!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Most of you have probably recognized my obsession with Pinterest (and I image many of you are with me on this).  I've actually begun to feel a little more like I'm being productive on there recently - as I've added an Artist Market board, to make your pre-shopping/vendor stalking convenient.  

Anyway, one of my favorite "I could make that" images is seen below.  I love the things people can do with reclaimed wood - pallets specifically. 

And in traditional Pinterest hunting style, here are several more ways to use pallets creatively.  Click on the image for the source!

I love this one for the soft colors on such a rough surface - with that distressed look.

And it looks beautiful stained.

Add lovely things to a rustic pallet.  I've seen this with fine china as well - gorgeous effect.

Additional headboard option.

I've seen similar coffee tables with the wheels at Celadon and World Market - DIY for some serious savings.

Or use a stencil for interesting art. 

I've seen several of these just on the side of the road, waiting for pick up.  But if you can't wait to salvage one, you can always buy online.  I'd love to see your suggestions or uses for pallets.  Anyone successfully integrated them into your home?