Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lino-cut Printing at SpaceCraft Studios

Well, I finally made it over to Spacecraft Studios in West Ashley. LOVED it! My friend Stacey and I signed up for the Lino-cut Printing with Kristen Solecki. You may recognize the Artwork of Kristen Solecki from the cover of the Charleston City Paper's Art Fall Arts Issue.

If you haven't been to SpaceCraft Studios, you have to check it out. The space is amazing. Allison has a retail section set up, carrying some of Charleston's finest. I saw jewelry from Janetics Ink and stationery from Dodeline Design. There were also terrariums, which you apparently can learn to make in an upcoming class. 

So, on to lino-cut printing. We started by digging through vintage magazines and pulling pages to print on. I tried to stick with ads for groceries (and booze) with the intention of framing them up in the kitchen.

Kristen was an excellent teacher. She made it seem really simple. And yes, the idea seems simple. I quickly learned, the execution - not so much. But I'll get to that!

So we started by drawing designs on scrap pieces of paper. Then transfered that to what would become our stamp. Draw design on stamp, cut design out from stamp. Seems easy. Things to note: yeah, your design prints backwards. I decided to go with this fork, knife, and spoon idea. 

Stacey went with a mustache and Twitter hashtag. Again, prints backwards. We were both foiled here. 

All in all, great fun. One or two turned out to be frame-able. But we've got plans to host lady dates here. You could have a bunch of friends help you print custom wedding shower invites or thank you cards. You could do a baby shower and print on onesies. And SpaceCraft is down to rent the space for private parties. Start planning - lots of fun options!

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