Friday, July 26, 2013

I am lucky.

I am consistently blown away by the support from our local media. From the first press release of the first market, I've heard nothing but, "We love it! What can we do to help?" from so many sources. 

Charleston City Paper consistently lists us as a City Pick or Staff Pick. They've written articles about the Market and individual vendors. I see members of their staff at markets consistently. 
The Bridge 105.5 talks about us regularly. They are even nice enough to let me - and a couple vendors this time - come on the air to talk about the Market. While going on the air gives me minor hot flashes, I always get a few "heard you on the radio this morning!" and I know this goes a long way.

Charleston Magazine has included us in their blog and newsletter. They've even loaned us an editor to help select vendors. 

 Charlie Mag has been known to include us in the super selective and sweet calendar. You can find those all over town. 

Charleston Scene (Post & Courier) has covered both the market and individual vendors.

And I keep running across advertisements that I didn't place, see the event included in newsletters I didn't send a press release to, see posters I didn't print out ... thank you. To everyone who supports this market in some way.

Great city. Great media. Great vendors. I am lucky.

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