Monday, July 29, 2013

Learn How to Photograph Your Work

When applying for markets, you're not judged on your work - you're judged on what your work looks like. Selection committees can't feel the quality of your paper, the heaviness of your fabric, the sturdiness of the clasp on your necklaces. The same goes with selling your goods online; potential buyers can't touch anything. So you need to represent yourself in the best light (pun intended). 

SpaceCraft Studios is now offering classes to help you present your goods in the best way. On August 10th, Jeni Rone of Sea Star Arts will spend 3 hours teaching you the basics of product photography. Here's what she'll be covering:

Because a potential buyer cannot touch, squeeze and pull on your work of art, we need to photograph our products to create an "experience" on the screen. Working with natural light, simple props and all the buttons your camera has, we will review the basics of photography and how to capture the soul of your image to share with your customer.

Curriculum will include:
  • Proper Set Up and Product Evaluation
  • How does my camera work?
  • Creating that WOW image along with the follow up images to continue the story
  • Editing Tips
  • Demo of actual Product Shoot
Class Requirements: Camera (Digital Preferred - iPhone's Accepted!) and an open mind to think out of the box!

As always, you're encouraged to BYOB. Although for this class, maybe you should bring your own snack and skip the booze. You're going to want to pay close attention. 

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