Monday, November 12, 2012

Haypenny Confections: Specialty S'mores

This husband and wife duo are adding some sweetness to the market. Here's what you're in for:

"The idea for Haypenny Confections started as so many ideas do...over a campfire and a few beers. We always loved making tasty s'mores with friends, and often hosted "s'moregasbord" parties during which we would experiment with different flavored mallows, grahams, and chocolate. We started wondering how the fluffy pillows of sugar were made, and long story short, we figured out how to do it ourselv
es. After many sticky trials and errors we finally came up with our perfect combination, and to date have over a dozen different flavors of marshmallows and a few different grahams."

Are we fat free? Not quite. Low calorie? Not exactly. But we all deserve a treat now and again. So indulge your inner child, and get a little sticky!

Can't make it to the market? Get a s'morgasbord at your next party!

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