Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Little Fish Children's Clothing

From Brooke, owner of Little Fish:
I'm always on the look out for the most original and adorable children's clothing and accessories. During my searches, I've found that I keep coming back to many of my talented friends right here in Charleston, South Carolina. Welcome to your one stop shop for all things cute and adorable for your own little fish. Most of these designers are located in Charleston. The majority of items in the shop are handmade and are crafted using sustainable practices.

Oh, and if you see something you like but want a different color or style, please email me. We can do custom orders on most items. So check out the shop and come back often, new designers and products will be added regularly.

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  1. Oh this is super cute! I totally agree about baby clothes. I hate pastels on babies. I prefer bright colours and I find them very hard to find. Most of Imogen's clothes are vintage but I need to start sewing for her too.
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