Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ricepuddin' Originals

Ricepuddin' Originals is another newcomer to the Market, bringing a mix of handmade and vintage. Her jewelry reworks vintage buttons into rings - so all pieces are unique. Get to know creator, Kit Rice below:

Just who is Kit Rice?

I'm a real live human being. Mom to three and wife of 20 years. I’ve been crafting forever it seems. I love to re-purpose things. Give them new life. Paper crafts and jewelry making are high on my list. I call myself re-creative because I may not come up with the idea but I make it my own by adding my personal touch.
 All of my creations are sprinkled with charm not cluttered with precision. No two are exactly alike.

I started Ricepuddin' Originals in November of 2010. It was a natural progression really. I hail from a family of jewelers. My grandfather, father, and an uncle were all Master Jewelers. I worked for my father while I was in college and so began my love affair with all things sparkly that fit into small boxes.

Why the name Ricepuddin'?

Other than the play on my last name? Rice pudding is a mixture of things that on their own are just alright. Rice. Milk. Cinnamon. Eggs. Sugar. Vanilla. Raisins. However, when combined and given warmth and TLC, they meld.Turning into a wonderful experience for the senses. This is how I feel about my original creations. I hope you do as well.

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