Thursday, March 14, 2013

Late Night/Date Night at SpaceCraft Studios

I convinced the husband to join me and my friend, Angela for a night at SpaceCraft Studios. We took the photo transfer techniques class, where we learned to transfer photos to wood, glass, plastic, tape ... basically anything. Heather Powers was an amazing teacher. 

All you need is a photo, a surface, and some Modge Podge. Here's how it went:

If you're transferring to wood, you need to sand down the surface. Then you add Modge Podge to your photo (front of photo), and place it on the wood. Smooth out the bubbles, and wait. 

Side note: SpaceCraft is BYOB. Hello Tecate.

After 15 minutes (and the help of a hair dryer), we began removing the paper. You just spritz the back of the photo with water and gently peel the paper off with your fingers. GENTLY, being the key word there. 

One more layer of Modge Podge and that's it! 

Check out these great classes coming to SpaceCraft soon!

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