Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Decorating

My husband and I bought a house this year.  I've always loved Christmas and have taken pride in our seasonal decorating skills, but my neighbors -  they are serious decorators!  Time to step it up.  So we started with icicle lights.  Easy enough.

But then we needed something for the windows.  Honestly, I think most of the wreaths I see in stores are tacky.  Just too much flare for me.  I was able to find a handful of wreaths at Michaels and just added a little berry for color.  Easy windows done.  

I wanted something with a little oomph for the front door, so I decided to make this guy.  Back to Michaels for berries, spray paint and the letter "G."  Woah, popular letter.  Two Michaels and no G's!  Luckily I found one at AC Moore.  

Tangent: Compared to the crazy disheveled-ness that is Michaels at Christmas, AC Moore was a much less chaotic shopping experience.  The place didn't look it had been ransacked and the line was minimal.  I haven't done extensive price comparison, but it might be worth looking into.

Back to the wreath.  

1. If your letter is a light color, you'll probably want to spray-paint it black to avoid any color showing through. To prevent the letter from sticking to the paper, I propped it up on two disposable cups while painting.  I've seen people use push pins for the same purpose on smaller items.

2. While the paint is drying, start cutting small bunches of berries (not individuals) off of the larger bunch.

3. Now it's time to glue. Picking out little sections of berries, manipulate them to fit the shape of your letter and then glue them down. If you haven't used a glue gun before, word to the wise: The heat is no joke. Be careful not to get it on your skin.

4. I ended up applying two layers of berries to the letter, which gave some additional height and texture to fill in the gaps.

And that's it!  My original plan was to hand the G from a ribbon on the door, but it looked a little empty to me.  Additionally, I discovered I have NO ribbon skills.  Looks like it's back to Pinterest for some tips.

So I added it to a wreath.  Much better!

Ultimately I decided it looked best on the side of the wreath.  I may add berries or a ribbon to it later, but for now, I can live with this.  It was honestly pretty easy - although I definitely underestimated both the heat and messiness of a glue gun.  Luckily dried glue peels off almost anything with minimal effort!

Here's how it looks at night:

Final addition - spiral Christmas tree.  Next post!

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