Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas: The Off Season

Ahh, the off season, where one Artist Market has ended but I don't yet have a date for the next one.  I think I'll spend this time blogging about some of the amazing vendors, as well as random craftiness.  And for the time being, a lot of that may be Christmas-y.  

Today - wreaths.  Most of you know I consider myself a facilitator of the arts, rather than a creator.  However, there is hope for me.  Pinterest gives me a virtually unlimited supply of cool things even I could pull off.  Here are a few how-to's I'm thinking of giving a go:


 These don't come with how-to's, but are too pretty not to post.  Maybe you guys can figure it out on your own!

Woman's Day
Nova 68
 Let the holiday decorating begin!

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