Monday, March 19, 2012

Carla Bakes, Lori Wyatt Vintage, Tucker's Treats, Lauren Shuler Designs, Forest & Fin

Of course I'm still rationing out the photos of the March Lowcountry Artist Market.  I always take way too many, but there are so many amazing options!  The last market was the first time we featured a baker - Carla Bakes - and she was wildly popular.  Nothing has mass appeal quite like chocolate and bacon.  And pound cake.  And whoopie pies.  And mini cheesecakes.  And ... you get the point.

Lori Wyatt Vintage always adds a fun aspect to the market.  If you're in the mood to dig - and dig you must because of the VAST amount she brings - then this is the vendor for you.  Fabulous vintage finds await!

Tucker's Treats - another new to the Market this March.  It's nice to have the option to pamper your pet with homemade treats.

Lauren Shuler Designs - If you missed her at the Market, you can see her at the Charleston Farmer's Market.  Another way to pamper your pet!

And last, but certainly not least, is Forest & Fin.  The T-shirts are beautiful "hand-drawn, hand-printed, Eco-friendly" designs.  And the boxes!  These were a new addition to the Forest & Fin table - as Lara had a little more room to spread out - and how gorgeous?  You can check out more of her art here.

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