Thursday, March 1, 2012

Carla Bakes

I cannot wait to satisfy my sweet tooth at the Artist Market on Saturday.  Check out one of the newest vendors, Carla Bakes!

Carla Bakes is somewhat of an “accident”. After working in Food and Bev in Charleston since moving here in 2007, I decided I would be a stay at home mom when my son was born in 2010. Instantly, I became the “go to” gal for all things sweet. I found myself baking cakes, pies, or cookies for someone, for some event every weekend. In 2011, I decided I would become a legitimate baker, with an Advanced Culinary Arts degree in hand, I got my business license and a kitchen and I went to work!

I always try to come up with recipes that are a little different. That’s my main focus of Carla Bakes. My clients are my driving force behind every single product that I offer. My menu is completely customized to what my clients want. But I always have my signature standbys like my banana bread that is so moist I really should call it cake, or my Holy City Cookie, filled with chocolate chips and bacon! And even my chocolate cake, it’s made with buttermilk and coffee!

Carla Bakes focuses on using as much locally grown ingredients as possible. I love using berries that were picked yesterday, down the road. Or eggs that are so plump and pretty that you almost don’t want to stir them. I love to support small businesses because they are the same folks who support me, and that’s what being a part of a community truly is about! 

Carla Bakes is also now offering fun options for weddings and other events including dessert bar services, tea party services, and even favor and greeting packages for your out of town guest! 
Along with being able to order from Carla Bakes client based bakery at any time, you can also check out my Facebook page for upcoming events! 

And be sure to stop by our booth at the Lowcountry Artist Market March 3rd!
- Carla Walker

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