Monday, July 23, 2012

Baby Boy Roundup

Maybe it's because I'm now 30, or because my friends are starting to have kids, or because my niece is so insanely cute, but I'm starting to have the occasional baby fever flare up. Checking out all the amazing baby wares at the Artist Market does not help ... so here's my round up of baby boy accessories. I'll just stick to shower shopping for now!

The Fresh Stitch is always one of my favorites; cute clothing and accessories for boy or girl. You can get a chevron burp cloth - how trendy is that?! And I do love a tie on a onesie. 

Or personalize your nursery with these names from Candice and Katie's Art

Dodeline Design always has the perfect card, if you're shopping for a shower. 

And for your rockstar Mom, check out these accessories from Mommy's Little Rockstar. I know quite a few ladies who would LOVE these. 

Tons of options from Nostalgic Graphic Tees - cowboys, musicians, handyman, fisherman, little chef ... 

And I don't think I'd be able to resist putting a baby boy in one of these great bow ties from Handmade by Gigi

Cuteness overload! What other baby boy handmade gifts do you suggest? 

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