Thursday, July 5, 2012

You Buy, They Give: Check out Love Thy Neighbor Designs

As if you need another reason to buy these super cute outfits for your kids/friend's kids/nieces/nephews - check out this policy from Love Thy Neighbor Designs:
At Love Thy Neighbor Designs we love to share the love. When YOU BUY, WE GIVE to children in need. For every shirt, jacket, dress, romper, or skirt purchased, we provide another item of new clothing or other necessity to vulnerable children all over the world.
Each season, we select a specific mission where we can make an impact together. In past seasons, we have been able to provide children with clothes via mission trips to Belize and Uganda. We have also been able to support local children in need here in Charleston, SC.
In March we sent clothes to children in need in Nicaragua. Check out our blog on the trip! We saw such an incredible impact here - so we're sending more clothes with friends going on a trip again in July! They will be heading into Chinendega with the poorest of the poor to provide clothing and other necessities to many single mom families. They will also be visiting a "rescue house" in Managua called Hope House. There are many babies and small children here with next to nothing and we feel very blessed to help! Thank you so much for your purchases to send clothing and other supplies to these precious children and families in need!

Another group is going in July, so purchase now to send more clothes to needy children!

About Us: We are friends... We are next-door neighbors... We are artists with a lifelong passion for creating... We love design, fashion, and working with our hands... We are also mothers of 6 beautiful children between the two of us! We want to reflect the joy of our blessings and love our neighbors in practical ways... We want to give back! As such, we donate up to 25% of the profit from each sale in the form of clothing and other necessities to children in need.
About our Company and Products: Our company, love thy neighbor designs, makes artfully inspired, hand-appliqu├ęd baby and children's clothing. We customize each garment by shaping, tailoring, layering and sewing all our designs, resulting in a unique, quality product. Some pieces are further embellished with colorful hand-stitching.

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