Saturday, July 28, 2012

Giant Octopus Invades the City Gallery at Waterfront Park

Most random title on the blog thus far! Better late than never should really be the title. I noticed a message from Finkelstein's Center on Facebook about this being the LAST weekend to check out their exhibition in the City Gallery at Waterfront Park and I put it on my must-be-done-this-weekend list. Here's what I was in for:

Piccolo Spoleto presents A Long Time Ago at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park.
Curated by Hirona Matsuda, A Long Time Ago…. captures the art of storytelling, the oldest known art form, in this enchanting contemporary art exhibit. Featuring artwork by local artists Lisa Abernathy, Becca Barnet, Seth Corts, Baird Hoffmire, Michelle Jewell, Xin Lu, Lisa Shimko, Liz Vaughan, and Trever Webster, painting, sculpture, paper-cutting, collage, and pen and ink drawing will be showcased in this exhibition. - Source

Michelle's exhibit was part of the Piccolo Spoleto Festival here in Charleston. 

Focusing primarily on artists of the Southeast region, Piccolo Spoleto is the perfect complement to the international scope of its parent festival and its 700 events in 17 days, transforms Charleston into an exhilarating celebration of performing, literary and visual arts. Piccolo Spoleto’s traditional program offerings include visual arts exhibits, classical music, jazz, dance, theatre, poetry readings, children’s activities, choral music, ethnic cultural presentations, crafts and film. - Source

First of all, it took me a good 10 minutes to get a picture with no one in it. Literally everyone that came in the gallery HAD to have a picture with the giant octopus!

From the very first Artist Market, I've been so impressed with these toys. The workmanship, creativity and detail stand out. Sailors, cats in bikinis, elephants in suspenders, twigs and acorns, and hipsters in button beards flooded the table.

My personal favorite at the gallery - the Pegasus made from corduroy. 

Michelle Jewell, owner/founder/creator at Finkelstein's Center makes all her creations by hand. Each piece of fabric is hand cut and unique - she doesn't use patterns, so no two creations are ever identical. 

About Finkelstein's Center:

Michelle Jewell
Photo Credit: Art Mag
"Finkelstein’s Center is a toy workshop for the forgotten things to be reborn. It’s a facility for materials to be upcycled, many times from donations and thrift stores that are washed and repurposed.” - Jewell

Check her works out here:

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