Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Fresh Stitch, Chuck Keppler, Don & Lina

I hope you're not getting tired of pics from the Market.  I may have gone overboard.  I'll try to space them out with some pics of random craftiness that I run across.  One more set and I'll give you a break!

We'll start with The Fresh Stitch:

Here's Chuck Keppler Designs:

And the food!  Thank you to King of Pops and The Magic Cheese Truck for keeping everyone well fed.

Last in this set - Don & Lina Stationary.  This was their 1st time participating in the Market and we were really glad to have them.  Note cards for every occasion and really great Christmas cards:

These vendors are all on, so you can continue shopping online.  And check out the Facebook pages for King of Pops and the Magic Cheese Truck to catch them around town!

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