Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nostalgic Graphic Tees

I love how much marketing our vendors do.  Check out this snazzy flyer from Nostalgic Graphic Tees

And here's a note from Elizabeth:

I am the owner of a commercial graphic design firm who has been inspired by my own children to branch out into clothing designs for kids.

Seeing my children grow and develop their imaginations made me feel nostalgic of some of my own childhood memories. I remembered the joy in picking a flower, playing on a see saw, twirling in a tutu, catching that first firefly of the summer, looking at clouds against a blue sky, blowing bubbles, fishing in grandaddy’s pond, riding a bike. I loved reliving those simple moments with my own family and wanted to capture them in some fashion.

My goal is to design products that are comfortable, unique, timeless, and age appropriate. This is the shirt that I hope you and your children will reach for time and time again!

Don't miss her at the Market! 

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