Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sponsor Welcome!

We'd like to say THANK YOU to our first sponsor, SC Federal Credit Union's Young & Free SC.  They'll be on site Saturday morning, offering details about their services and scholarships.  AND giving out sweet reusable grocery bags to the first 100 patrons.  Get here early!
If you're unfamiliar with Young & Free, here's the basic premise:
We launched Young & Free because we felt strongly that young people were not being well served by large faceless financial institutions. Young people in South Carolina didn't have a voice when it came to getting what they needed financially. So we launched a search for a Spokesperson and gave that person a platform: the Young & Free South Carolina website.

Darryl LaPlante is our current Young & Free SC Spokesperson and his full-time job includes traveling to, attending and speaking at events throughout South Carolina and posting daily blog entries and weekly video blogs on the Young & Free SC website. Darryl is here to listen to you, and to get your thoughts and opinions about what you need from your financial institution.

The ultimate goal of Young & Free is to help our credit union connect with young people and to help us really understand how we can serve South Carolina's 18-to-25 crowd better than any other financial institution.
Here's what Darryl has to say:
Young & Free South Carolina is powered by South Carolina Federal Credit Union and dedicated to educating the 25 and under crowd about all things finance. While that might sound a bit boring to most, it's really not! The cherry on the imaginary sundae is they are always doing some kind of giveaway either on youngfreesc.com, Facebook, or Twitter! 
For instance, if you, or someone you know, plan on going to college next year I'm sure you're out there looking for scholarships. Well, they've got them! Right now Young & Free SC is giving away three scholarships where you can win up to $4,500 to go towards your school bills. Entering is a breeze and can be done at youngfreesc.com/scholarship
Got a question? Email Young & Free Spokester Darrryl LaPlante at youngfreesc@gmail.com

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