Friday, May 18, 2012

Crafty Feast: Last one, I swear.

It feels like cheating to keep using my Crafty Feast photos on the blog, but there was so much cool stuff there, I can't resist. Here is my final vendor run down; I promise!

Hipster napkins by Olive O Home, beautiful cutting boards by Sixteen Acre Wood, and maps made art by Off the Map

Soaps (and best packaging of the day) from Whispering Willow, trash turned into treasure from, you guessed it, Trash to Treasure, and who doesn't need a moustache koozie from Cranky Pants.

And I'll leave you with pretty clothing for children (with spiked bonnets!) from Owlette Collective, eco friendly handmade stuffed animals from PogoShop and the 1000 things I wanted to buy from 17 Dove Street!

Did anyone else make it to Crafty Feast? Who were your favorites?

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