Monday, May 7, 2012

Crafty Feast + Photos

I FINALLY made it to an out of town Market. I'm pretty good about getting to Holy City Artist & Fleas, Pop-Up Shops, the Farmer's Market and Maker's Market, but if a market is outside of Charleston, my laziness/busy-ness takes over. But finally - I made it out!

My friend Angela and I took a little mini road trip to Columbia last weekend to check out Crafty Feast. It was a lot of fun. I've toyed with the idea of hosting the market in a larger location, to accommodate more vendors, so it was nice to see how that could look.

Crafty Feast look well organized - and well attended. There was a $2 admission fee to come in, but it provided a drink ticket, so you broke even there. They had several people working - and asked each of us our zip code when we came in - information I'd love to have for the LAM!

Here are some of my favorite pics from the event. I tried to get pictures with the vendor's card or name attached, so you can Google and shop! Or just check out this list of vendors from the event for the full roster.

Purses, purses, purses. I'm such a sucker. I always end up picking out 3 or so bags from Add Libb Designs at the Market and then waiting to see if they are still there at the end of the event. I leave my shopping to fate!

The beauty of having the event in a convention center - space! It's a struggle to get everyone in the Music Farm, so it was nice to see what vendors could do when given a little more room to maneuver. 

There were several pottery and woodworking vendors, something you don't see quite as much of in Charleston. Really cool stuff. The wooden bowls above were made from ONE piece of wood each - pretty amazing.

This booth was fun. Stuffed animals all made from recycled fabric - sweaters, etc. I appreciated the lush bird, shown above. 

I'll leave you with jewelry. I really, really liked Below 14th Designs' pieces. Unique and affordable - Angela and I both picked up pieces here.

More pretty things from Crafty Feast to come!


  1. Thanks for coming to Crafty Feast! The vendors featured are:
    Nana by Sally
    Ecolibrio (in Charleston!)
    Betsy Brown Pottery
    Ben Grant
    Jeannie Rounsefell Handmade (best stuff ever!)
    Below 14th Designs

    1. Absolutely! Loved the event.

      Thanks for letting me know about vendors - I thought I had everyone's card until I started posting pictures!