Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Crafts and Feast

Crafty Feast photo rundown, round 2. Again, I had a great time at Crafty Feast a little over a week ago. Pretty, handmade things; familiar faces and some new ideas. Here's round 2 of some of my favorite vendors:

There was quite a bit of woodworking at the feast. You just don't normally see it in jewelry. These earrings were really pretty - and surprisingly light weight.

Neogranny - another vendor who is amazing with wood. Complete opposites, design wise though. These pieces were really fun and whimsical. Mason jars, handheld video cameras and rotary phones ...

The bird theme was full on at Crafty Feast - and I like it. And I know I'm not alone. Birds on necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, and even on their own. Couldn't resist grabbing a picture of these handmade guys from Token Emotion.

More cute birds from Birdies. And I'm so glad I finally got to see some works by Phoenix Fire Studios. Her glasses are amazing. And I hadn't seen the mugs before. I'll leave you with one of the most fun vendors - Not Made in China. Clever buttons with local flare!

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