Thursday, May 10, 2012

Get to know Myla's Bags

I had the privilege to meet Michaela Phifer a few markets ago. One of the other vendors had seen her at Eye Level Art's Holy City Market and Fleas and suggested I reach out to her - and I'm so glad I did. Myla's Bags has sold at several of the last markets and her bags are a great addition!

AM: How did you get started with Myla's Bags? Where did the name come from?

Myla: A few years back I rediscovered my love of sewing. I started out making totes and shoulder bags in colors and prints that I liked. At the time I was unable to find things I liked in stores. When I started creating for myself, my friends asked about creating messenger bags for them. When I realized there was a need I decided to start my business on a very part time basis. I started out making bags as people asked for them.

The name is a variation of my name. My name is pronounced “My-ella”, but most tend to say only the first and last syllable. 

AM: How long have you been in business?

Myla: I’ve been in business for many years, but I officially started selling to everyone in 2008.

AM: Is this something you're doing full time?

Myla: Although I would love to do this full time, I work a full time day job and come home to sew in the evenings. Balancing family life and the business is tough but worth it. I am currently working on training my daughter to do some of the smaller tasks. It takes some time to show her, but it’s nice to spend sometime with her as we work on Myla’s Bags together.

AM: So, what's your process? Do you find fabric you love and go from there? Or have bags styles in mind when you pick out fabrics?

Myla: I don’t really have a process. I enjoy fabric shopping like some people  and getting inspired from the fabric. Some fabrics are bought with a purpose, but most are bought and they lie on my shelf.

AM: Which bags do you enjoy making the most? You have some many styles!

Myla: Every bag is different so it depends on my mood. I find when I create a new style, I will make what seems like a million of that bag.

AM: I love that you incorporate technology into your bags - ipad and kindle covers, tech sleeves, did I miss anything?

Myla: Nope, I think you have all them covered. =)

AM: So where can we find your goods, other than your website?

Myla: I am currently selling at various artist markets around the Charleston area.  I also have a few of my items at “At Home Designs” in the City Market and I also have some items out in at Glitter Lifestyle Boutique in Claremont, CA.

So be sure to check out Myla's Bags - you still have time if you're shopping for Mother's Day!

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