Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tucker's Treats

Guest post from Amy Edenfield, creator of Tucker's Treats:

Tucker's Treats are all natural, human grade dog treats that contain only 5 ingredients and NO preservatives. They currently come in two "flavors": Peanut Butter Biscotti and Pumpkin Biscotti. 

 At the end of last year I was speaking to a neighbor who would often bake treats for her dog, had sold them into a few places but didn't have the time to really put much effort into it. It got me thinking that it could be something that fit into my world! I work for a local dog walker who wanted to give her regular clients a Christmas present and she was Tucker's Treats first official customer. I officially launched Tucker's Treats in January of 2012 and vended at my first event a few weeks later. 

The inspiration behind Tucker's Treats is my 5 year old terrier mix (Tucker). On my birthday, a few months after being laid off from my corporate job, I went to Pet Helpers to look at the dogs. I have never owned a dog, but really needed something to give me some purpose since my job search was not going well. Then I laid my eyes on Tucker. He was a recent owner surrender (he belonged to an elderly couple and one of them had passed away)..he was heart worm positive and so skinny and at that moment I realized that we needed each other! We have been a team ever since.

Tucker's Treats can be purchased directly from my facebook page as well as the North Charleston Farmer's Market every Thursday. We will also be vending at the next Lowcountry Artists Market and the Market at Mixson on 7/1, 8/5, 9/2, 11/4 and 12/2!

We are currently working on specialty packaging and will be selling our treats into specialty shops in and around Charleston. These shops will be announced on our facebook page as they are added!
In the future, we would love to add a "Feline" division for all of our cat lovers, creating cat treats with the same simple ingredients as Tucker's Treats as well as an division that will specialize in collar accessories for both cats and dogs!

You can pick up Tucker's Treats at the next Lowcountry Artist Market - June 16th at the Music Farm, where they are partnering with Pet Helpers "Special Forces" Foster Program. If you bring any of the following items to their table, you will get $1.00 off any order:

~ Small bag of clay (non-clumping) litter
~ 4 cans of Friskies canned cat food
~ 4 cans of Pedigee canned dog food

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