Thursday, February 16, 2012


Most of you have probably recognized my obsession with Pinterest (and I image many of you are with me on this).  I've actually begun to feel a little more like I'm being productive on there recently - as I've added an Artist Market board, to make your pre-shopping/vendor stalking convenient.  

Anyway, one of my favorite "I could make that" images is seen below.  I love the things people can do with reclaimed wood - pallets specifically. 

And in traditional Pinterest hunting style, here are several more ways to use pallets creatively.  Click on the image for the source!

I love this one for the soft colors on such a rough surface - with that distressed look.

And it looks beautiful stained.

Add lovely things to a rustic pallet.  I've seen this with fine china as well - gorgeous effect.

Additional headboard option.

I've seen similar coffee tables with the wheels at Celadon and World Market - DIY for some serious savings.

Or use a stencil for interesting art. 

I've seen several of these just on the side of the road, waiting for pick up.  But if you can't wait to salvage one, you can always buy online.  I'd love to see your suggestions or uses for pallets.  Anyone successfully integrated them into your home? 

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