Monday, February 20, 2012

Talon Jewelry

Accessorizing is not my strong suit.  I love jewelry on other people, but for some reason ALWAYS overlook purchasing for myself.  Getting married has helped; jewelry is a go-to gift for most husbands.  My pinterest "my birthday/our anniversary/Christmas is coming up" board has plenty of wish-list items too.  Just have to decide!  But with a strong supply of jewelry vendors at the Artist Market, I am determined to pick up some new - and bold - pieces.  

I'm really excited to see works from one of the newest AM vendors, Talon Jewelry.  These are statement pieces.  I love how industrial they look; could toughen up an overly girly look.  Or add real sparkle to a simple tank and jacket.  

TALON is a jewelry line designed and hand-crafted by Eliza Avery. Inspiration is drawn from many sources, including Greek and Egyptian mythology, science fiction and futuristic aesthetics, street style, and occultism. TALON aims to find a balance in pieces that are striking and sometimes even aggressive, yet elegant and wearable, keeping in mind the idea of jewelry functioning as personal armor both physically and spiritually.

As a side note, the artist Eliza Avery has a cool blog going - check her out there and at the March 3rd market!

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