Monday, February 27, 2012

Traveling Yankee

Sometimes I wonder if the name "Artist Market" is a little misleading.  Everyone that participates is an artist, but I find myself sometimes saying "there's not a lot of 'art' art" - as in, not a lot of framed works on display.  However, we do have a few "art" artists participating in the March 3rd Market.  I'm excited to see pictures from our newest addition, Jeff Saraceno, The Traveling Yankee.

The Traveling Yankee was established in 2012; however my fascination for the natural world began years earlier. My parents took me on my first backpacking trip when I was six years old. 

Primarily self-taught, I have been taking photos for the past eight years. My work consists mainly of natural landscapes and a new appreciation for worn objects. Originally from Connecticut, I moved to Charleston in 2010 to work as a Commissioning Editor for The History Press. In-between I went to school in Massachusetts and have spent time out west and in Europe. 
- Jeff Saraceno

Check out Jeff, the Traveling Yankee at the March 3rd Market!

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