Saturday, October 8, 2011

Candy Shop Vintage

Ohhh, vintage jewelry.  I'm sure I'm not the only girl who once played dress up in her grandmother's jewelry box, wearing everything I could possibly put on all at once.  Good thing I've learned a little about editing.  Now I try to do a piece or two at a time - and these finds from Candy Shop Vintage are the perfect way to integrate vintage jewelry into your modern wardrobe.  Or better yet, pair them with something from Seek Vintage

Here's a little about Deirdre Zahl, owner and founder of Candy Shop Vintage:

About Candy Shop Vintage

I started collecting vintage jewelry after years of working with clients in the fashion industry and seeing costume jewelry experience resurgence in popularity. In 2009, I launched Candy Shop Vintage, reselling the special pieces of vintage jewelry I discover. I work hard to find pieces that are affordable, chic, and have contemporary appeal, visiting flea markets and estate sales all over the East Coast. Each item is a special, hand-selected treat and I never choose anything I wouldn't wear myself!

Candy Shop Vintage is inspired by the aesthetic of vintage candy stores and soda fountains. I hope that my jewelry elicits that same combination of nostalgia and excitement! 

Be sure to stop by Candy Shop Vintage's table at the November 19th Lowcountry Artist Market and check out their Etsy page for more finds!!

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