Sunday, October 9, 2011

Perla Anne

I am always amazed by the creativeness of the vendors and quality of their work at the Lowcountry Artist MarketPerla Anne is no exception.  Meet Stacey Bradley, who creates hand printed linoleum and wood art:

Hi, my name is Stacey Bradley. I am passionate about printmaking, and have been since my high school teacher introduced me to it! All of my work begins with the timeless art of block printing. I am in love with the process from beginning to end. Getting to use my hands the entire time. Drawing then carving the design, rolling the ink, pressing the back to adhere the image, then finally pulling up the paper to get the surprise you can only get from hand printing! Each piece unique and different.

Perla Anne was my mother's name ~ although no longer alive ~ she was absolutely the constant force behind anything creative I have ever pursued ~ having been an amazing artist herself and so full of positive, colorful energy it's certainly a fitting tribute to name this endeavor in her honor!

Most of my time is spent balancing PerlaAnne with the life of a mother to two amazing children ~ Cierah, 17 and Wyatt, 5 and my husband Jay Clfford, song writer extraordinaire! Oh, and of course Cash the best yellow lab in the world. Needless to say the dynamics in my house are constantly interesting and I truly love every second of it.


Perla Anne will be at the Artist Market on November 19th at the Music Farm.  Will you be there?

Good answer.

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