Friday, October 7, 2011

Thank You Charleston Media!

The Lowcountry Artist Market has been very fortunate to have such great support from Charleston media.  Charleston City Paper, Charleston Home Magazine, Charleston Magazine and Charleston Scene have covered the events and featured several of our vendors.  The craft movement in Charleston is in full force!
Karen Young - Lula Boutique.  Photo:  Kaitlyn Iserman
The term "craft fair" used to be synonymous with church gymnasiums filled with bubbling pots of chili and blue-haired ladies selling doilies, crocheted doll clothing, and shrink-a-dink lapel pins. Thanks to, however, those days are over. The grannies never saw it coming.
Etsy, the web's premier crafter market, allows individual artists to sell their wares to the world — all you need is an internet connection and a dream.
- Kinsey Giddick, Charleston City Paper

Read the entire City Paper article here.

The Fresh Stitch
Piper Blue
Dodeline Design
Whether you know it or not, there is a movement afoot. And that isn't too strong a word; it is a movement, a move to get reacquainted with who makes the products that fill our lives.
Suddenly, lots of people out there are wondering who grows their cucumbers or potatoes, who makes their shoes or soap. Farmers markets are popping up everywhere from parks to bank parking lots, and, the online handmade and vintage market, has buyers and sellers from more than 150 countries.
Finding these handmade products is part of the fun, and the quest is becoming easier and easier. Just like farmers markets, handmade markets are springing up everywhere. 
- Stephanie Burt, Charleston Scene

Read the entire Charleston Scene Article here.

Turning Native.  Photo:  Ellen McGauley

  Just wanted to let you know about a can't-miss event, folks. After a successful inaugural spring show, the Lowcountry Artist Market is back and open this Saturday, November 13, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.! The one-day market featuring handmade and vintage everything garnered rave reviews from its spring shoppers, prompting this weekend’s Fall show. A little background: organizer Kristen Thompson Gastaldo put together the event by combing the popular site for Lowcountry sellers. This expanded to include all local purveyors of vintage goods, home and garden wares, handmade jewelry, and more.  
My opinion? It’s the place to be for young, style-savvy folks who want to either glean a bit of handmade inspiration or buy up the fruits of Charleston neighbors’ labors.
- Charleston Home Magazine

This will be my last one!  Thanks to Anna Evans at Charleston Magazine for featuring the Market.  Read her article here.

Couldn't do it without you guys!

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