Thursday, October 27, 2011

We've got MONSTERS!

Well, almost.  They are actually ridiculously cute stuffed animal plushy type monsters.  But monsters none the less.  These little guys are hand created by Caleigh Bird of Bird Flower Creations.  Kinda changes your feelings about monsters hiding under your bed.

A little info about Caleigh:

I love to create. Working with my hands gives me an inner peace I cannot describe.

I have been painting and crafting for basically my entire life- I was given watercolors when I was old enough to sit up! I love to make just about anything and have never run into a medium I didn't appreciate. Because of this love for experimentation, I may have random objects or designs on my page from time to time, but rest assured, everything I sell is 100% handmade by myself.



And that's not all Caleigh is making.  Check out her artwork:

This as a unique one-of-a-kind framed, signed piece of art.

I make and cut my own stencils, hand paint each background in acrylic on acid-free paper, airbrush my designs, then hand cut glass and frame the piece on thick cardstock with white rubber tape directly to the glass, making a frame. It comes securely backed and ready to hang.

Don't miss Bird Flower Creations at the Lowcountry Artist Market - coming to the Music Farm on November 19th!

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  1. These are super cute. I hope to pick one up for my little girl, who happens to love monsters!