Saturday, October 15, 2011

Old Growth Fine Furniture

When Old Growth Fine Furniture applied to be a part of the Lowcountry Artist Market, I was blown away.  Handmade furniture - light weight pieces with intricate details and beautiful colors!

Old Growth Fine Furniture and Design employs classic and time honored furniture building skills and techniques in order to produce furniture that is not only of the highest possible quality but will be cherished for generations to come.

Here's a little about Charlie:

Working in wood has been a long and deep rooted passion of mine, some 20+ years.

I was bit by the bug back in my freshman year in high school after enrolling in
Metal working 101 class. Turns out that shortly after the class started,  it ended.
The local school board deemed our little, all 8 of us , metal working class hazardous.
For the remainder of the year we made wooden toys and that’s how it started. The following
year I signed up for Construction/Wood Shop 101 and a worker of wood was born.
Since then, over the many years of building things, my style, joinery methods, and skills have slowly evolved into the fine furniture I make today. This process of honing my skills shows in every detail of the furniture I design and build with and for my clients.

I feel fortunate every day that I am able to create with wood and showcase  its beauty and splendor.

Check out all of Charlie's work on his website.  And stop by the small balcony at the Music Farm on November 19th to purchase!

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