Sunday, October 23, 2011

Runaround Sue Vintage Boutique

So I stopped by Goodwill yesterday to pick up a few dishes to make on of these, and noticed lots of folks pillaging through the clothing.  Not having the patience that day to join in myself, I'm looking forward to having some vintage clothing right at my fingertips - thanks to Kelly Rae Smith of Runaround Sue Vintage Boutique

The idea and name of Runaround Sue was conceived several years ago on a lazy but creative Saturday in a flat on Constitution Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, with the help of a fellow vintage obsessive.
I have hand-picked each and every item listed from various cites in the US and Europe, some of which have been my very own, and hope to pass them on to someone who will love them all over again in a different city, for a different reason. 

And its not just for the ladies.  Runaround Sue has a vintage for men section with western shirts, sweaters, jackets and even bowling shirts:  

Or maybe you need something to play dress up in: 

Or to wear to a tacky sweater party:

Whatever you're looking for in the vintage world, Runaround Sue Vintage Boutique has it!  Check her out at the Lowcountry Artist Market on November 19th!

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